50 EUR

Collar necklace made out of paper discs joined with thread and hung from leather straps with button closure. / Collar babero compuesto por discos de papel, unidos con hilo y sujetos por tiras de cuero con botón de cierre.

Negra Souza
works with found and recycled materials to create fashion and home accessories.

The paper she uses comes mainly from Chinese publications passed on by her neighbours in Madrid’s Chinatown.

Given that the combination of paper and beads is different for each piece, they are all unique.

• Paper, varnish, cotton thread and soft leather strap
• Disc ø 1.5–3.5 cm, disc panel width 13.5–15 cm and height 13 cm max, adjustable inner circumference 50–53 cm
• Made in Spain
• Available in two colour combinations: black/green and black/red