275 EUR

Stole made from extra soft fine wool with a ribbon print.

This luxurious Futabaya stole combines beautifully traditional Japanese fabric printing techniques with contemporary design.

A simple and elegant pattern of ribbons in orange and light blue runs along one side of the sand-coloured stole.

The technique used is Edo Komon traditionally used to decorate kimono fabrics.

The desired patterns are created with hand-cut stencils (katagami) made from layers of washi paper and silk mesh brushed with persimmon tannin. Once the stencil is placed over the fabric the dye can be applied directly through the perforations, as in this case.

Alternatively a rice resist paste can be spread onto the stencil surface with a brush. The rice paste is allowed to dry and the entire fabric is soaked in the dyebath. Next, the paste is rinsed off allowing the pattern to appear as white on the coloured ground.

The stole comes in a gift box made from kiri (Paulownia) wood, traditionally used in Japan to make tansu chests for storing kimono.

• 100% wool
• Dry clean only
• 70 x 180 cm
• Made in Japan