690 EUR

Reversible handwoven dhurrie with a pattern of blocks of colour, mainly in shades of blue alternating with green and prurple.

Our Weavelab dhurries are designed by R. P. Rajen and woven in his workshop in Ahmedabad (India). 

Rajen is a painter, weaver and musician who brings together all his knowledge, sensitivity and skill to produce beautiful wall hangings, furnishing fabrics and dhurries. 

Dhurries are flat-woven pile-less rugs indigenous to India and the surrounding region. 

They are generally made of cotton or cotton and wool and always weft-faced, which means that the warp is hidden under the tightly packed weft. 

Light, durable, decorative and affordable, dhurries have been used for centuries as floor coverings, prayer rugs and bedspreads. 

Typical patterns include stripes, geometric designs and Islamic motifs such as minarets and mosques. The same design appears on both sides due to the plain or tapestry weave technique used. 

Rajen’s pieces are woven on horizontal floor looms, using a cotton warp and wool weft. The wool is dyed in the workshop to obtain the exact shades of colour required, although there is no initial fixed design. The overall pattern takes shape on the loom, thus every rug is a one-off. 

Like traditional dhurries these are reversible, but by using a double weave technique the design is different on the front and back. 

On one side of this piece are well-defined solid blocks of colour, while on the reverse some of these are blurred and merge into one another.

• Cotton warp and wool weft
• Dry clean only
• 150 x 230 cm approx.
• Made in India