345 EUR

Reversible quilt made from vintage cotton fabrics and Kashmiri woolen shawls.

Our selection of ANTIMACASSAR quilts have been designed by David Earp, who creates his own ranges in addition to collaborating with other brands and stores on exclusive collections.

This reversible quilt has been stitched by hand joining on one side patches of floral cotton fabrics, and on the other pieces of hand-embroidered woolen Kashmiri shawls in shades of brown.

The combination of greens and oranges on the cotton side and the browns on the woolen side is reminiscent of 1960s colour schemes.

The outer and inner layers of fabric (6 in total) are joined with a golden yellow running stitch.

• 70% cotton 30% wool
• Machine wash cold or dry clean
• 175 x 230 cm approx.
• Made in India