Fish charm with a pattern of dots. / Dije en forma de pez con estampado de puntitos.

Futaba’s jewellery stems from the desire to adapt traditional Japanese fabric–printing techniques to create contemporary pieces.

The fabric inside these fish charms is decorated using a technique known as bokashi, which means ‘graduated shading’.

The pattern of dots is created with hand–cut stencils (katagami) – made from layers of washi paper and silk mesh brushed with persimmon tannin – over which a rice paste is spread.

Next the stencils are removed and the paste is allowed to dry. Then the fabric is made wet and the dye is added and spread achieving a soft transition from one colour or shade to the next.

Finally the paste is rinsed off allowing the pattern to appear as white on the coloured ground.

As the fabric used inside these charms is cut from a larger piece, all are different.

• Silk fabric set in acrylic resin and rayon cord
• 3.8 x 2.5 x 0.3 cm, cord 8 cm
• Made in Japan