MAMBLONA was established in 2002 in Madrid by Sofía Fernández. Sofía, an Italo-Spanish weaver, studied architecture and history of dress in London and then complemented her training in western India. Learning about the rich heritage of Indian textiles and the exciting work of a new wave of talented designers, planted the seed for what would later become MAMBLONA the shop.

The emphasis is on textiles as accessories or for interiors, but we also offer a broad range of other crafts reflecting a passion for colour, pattern, natural and recycled materials and original design.

From Finland to Japan, MAMBLONA buys from individual artisans, independent brands, cooperatives and NGOs offering unique ranges and one-off pieces.

By working closely with the different makers we establish personal relationships, learn about their inspiration and their preferred materials and techniques, whether traditional or innovative, so we can share this knowledge with our customers. In some cases we are directly involved in developing products together adding a personal touch that enriches our collections.